It is a practice of FAST TECH SECURITY to conduct training sessions for our currently employed security guards at the regularity of twice a month in all our branches and to ensure that all security guard irrespective of seniority and rank attends the training session no less than once every quarter in addition to that as provided by the Patrolling Officers and supervisors whilst on the assignments.
Our Training programs includes:
1.    Basic Malaysian Laws (related on security issues)
2.    Corporate Objectives
3.    Responsibility of Guards (Static Duties / Information / Patrolling / Etc)
4.    Discipline and Dress Code
5.    Unarmed Combat
6.    Basic Self Defense & Baton Skills
7.    Security Escorts
8.    Incident Investigation/Reports Writing (e.g. Fire, Theft or Burglary)
9.    General First Aid Skills (e.g. CPR, Burns Treatment)
10.  Basic Crime Detention and Prevention Skills
11.  Communication Skills
12.  Marching & Physical Fitness