FAST TECH SECURITY SERVICES SDN BHD was incorporated on 11th July 2011 is mainly to meet the rapid increasing demand from the commercial and industry sectors for the security services provided security company that has capacity and ability to take preventative measure to work in hand with Royal Malaysian Police to reduce crime rate in our country. FAST TECH SECURITY SERVICES SDN BHD aim to provide quality reliable security service based on customer’s priority complimented by the presence of experienced and trained security personnel to ensure that we are in-line with the preventive measures taken by Royal Malaysian Police. Our services are including unarmed and armed officer and also escort services to industrial and manufacturing facilities, commercial properties, local and federal government, retail establishments, residential community area, educational institutional and other established organizations. FAST TECH SECURITY SERVICES SDN BHD is headed by our Managing Director, Dato’ Sri Dr. Alagesu A/l Kampaiah with the strong support from the Executive Director, En. Mohamed Ibrahim Bin Md Kasim. The operation is under supervision of our vast experience Operation Director, Capt. Mohamad Halim Bin Maulud. With the name FAST TECH, we are committed to provide new technology security system to everyone under our clientele. FAST TECH SECURITY is confident to provide a reliable and dependable security services with customers’ need and satisfaction with supported by the experienced, expertise and commitment of personnel who are had prior working experiences in other security companies and security industry complimented by the presence of ex-police and ex-army personnel. With the modern technology upcoming in security industry, we are oriented to master this technology and practically introduce and use this technology in order to provide the best security solution to our customers Ybhg.Dato’ N. Siva Subramaniam, is our Advisor.

To create strategic security, by professionally contribute in servicing the security needs of our client that would provide best investment in the alliances and create value to the industry and the best return to shareholder and its employees.


Our mission is to provide the most effective solutions to the varying needs of the customer. We are determined to advance and lead in the security industry by providing the best quality services. Our top most priority is to achieve our customer satisfaction.


  • To constantly upgrade the services provided to meet customers’ expectation.
  • To produce quality workforce through training programs and career advancement.
  • To provide our clients with the latest technology in the security industry.
  • To be the One –Stop customer friendly centre for all types of security needs